Comparative Business Communication Report and Oral Presentation

Assessment 4 – Comparative Business Communication Report and Oral Presentation Date Due: Outline – Week 10 Written report – Week 11 Oral presentations – Week 12 Value: Outline – 5% Written report – 25% Oral presentation – 15% Rationale Developing combined written submissions and oral presentations on communications methodologies test students’ understanding of concepts presented in weekly lectures and tutorials. In this assessment students are required to demonstrate their understanding of the principles of effective communication. Students must provide a maximum 1,500 word report on researched business messages and give a 10 – 15 minute presentation on their findings. Instructions Students must identify, analyze and report on two sources of business communication: one that has demonstrated excellent communication in delivering their particular business message and the other a poor communication in delivering their business message. The two communication sources do not have come from the same business or from the same communication channel (online, print, television, web video, etc.) but must be within the same industry (banking, automotive, health care, etc.) Communications Report Outline Students must provide an outline of their Case Study Communications Report two weeks prior to submission. Written submission The written report must demonstrate a level of comprehensive research and must also:  describe each business; its products/services, operations, structure and scope  identify and explain the types/forms of communication being analysed provide an example of both the excellent and poor communications. If a video based communication, the student is required to provide a hyperlink to the video source.  compare and contrast the nature of the communications being delivered  identify and explain the factors of why the communication worked or did not work  explain why the communication enhanced or damaged the business. Section Headings The report document must be structured with the following section headings with relevant content included under each section:  Table of contents  List of figures, illustrations and tables (if applicable)  Introduction  Report Overview  Discussion and analysis of findings (for both examples) o Communication Examples o Communication Research o Communication Methodology  Report Analysis  References/Bibliography  Appendices (if applicable) Word Limit 1,500 words Report Submission Criteria The following elements will be assessed in the written submission: Criteria Marks Report Overview The business communications are very relevant to the assessment’s criteria; The report very clearly addresses all required content on the business’s/products/services, operations, structure and scope. 5 Communication Research Clearly identifies and explains the types/forms of communication used. 5 Communication Examples Provided full and relevant examples of both excellent and poor communications. 5 Communication Methodology Very clearly compares and contrasts the nature of the communications being delivered. Very clearly identifies the factors of why the communication worked or did not work. 5Report Analysis Very clearly identifies and explains how and why each particular communication enhanced or damaged the business. 3 Use academic language and structure. Adhere to referencing conventions and acknowledge sources. Acknowledged all relevant sources. Accurate and consistent referencing system. 2 Oral Presentation The oral presentation must address the specific points identified in the student’s research and demonstrate their ability to plan, prepare and provide an 8-12minute oral presentation on their research findings. The oral presentation must have documentation that includes:  Planning – outline, structure, content and timing of the presentation  Presentation Plan and speaker notes  Visual and/or audio visual components of the presentation. All handouts, aids, resources or any other presentation material/s must also be submitted for assessment. Presentation Submission Criteria The following elements will be assessed in the presentation: Criteria Marks Clarity of and quality of presentation, delivery Presentation clearly shows high levels of knowledge of communication strategies; Communication strategies used are clearly and strongly identified. 5 Presentation incorporates required elements Presentation clearly identifies and describes the case study report Introduction, description of the businesses, examples of communications used; Analysis and Conclusion High level of support for conclusions provided from subject content. 5 Ability to engage/involve audience during presentation Presentation clearly shows high levels of engagement with the students. Presentation effectively includes students in its delivery 3 Ability to handle questions from audience at end of presentation Presenter addresses and handles questions with effective and informed answers. 2Lecturer Only Note: The lecturer can also use the ‘Audience Feedback’ and ‘Peer Review’ assessments for the presentations if they think them appropriate for engaging the students in assessing (a non-grading assessment) and undertaking critical analysis of the presentations.

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