Communication Skills for Business

Task 1: Write an e-mail

Write an e-mail to the senior leader of any company of your choice and request to schedule a meeting between him/her and yourself. The meeting agenda will be to gather more insights into the company, including any questions you may wish to ask

Task 2: Create PowerPoint Presentation

Develop a presentation using PowerPoint (or another presentation package) about any Ted talk of your choice. You have to analyze the talk based on parameters discussed in the class e.g., usage of ‘I statements’, tools of presentation used, verbal and non-verbal cues, different negotiation or persuasion techniques used, etc. You should produce a maximum of 10 slides.

When you have prepared your presentation please reflect on the slides and add a maximum of 2 slides to provide your self-evaluation. You should use slides for answering questions like “what makes a good speaker?” and “How can you improve your speaking skills?”

Task 3: Write an article

Write an illustrated article for an online business magazine that has a non-specialist audience. Your article should include the following points:

  • Explain the concept of business communication and describe formal and
    informal methods of communication along with the changing role of technology
  • Explain different styles and methods of oral communication for formal and
    informal audiences
  • Describe the barriers and importance of listening in oral communication
  • Explain the components of the 7Cs of communication and their importance in
    developing good writing skills
  • Describe the concept and importance of non-verbal communication and identify the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Explain the impact of technology on non-verbal communications
  • Explain different types of reports and their purposes
  • Produce an outline structure and format of a formal report
  • Describe with examples how meaningful visual media charts, diagrams,
    images, videos, and other visual media can be incorporated