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Assignment 2 S1 20014 CIS2000
AutoParts Warehouse
AutoParts Warehouse is a small auto parts supplier with locations in several Midwestern metro
areas. The business is based on the idea of discount prices for auto parts that are always in stock
or can be delivered within hours. The owners have decided to computerize their operations to
allow them to better track their business and manage their inventories for just in time deliveries
for sales. Data to be gathered for each customer sale includes invoice number, date, parts
number, cost, retail price. Customer data is collected that includes basic contact information and
vehicles owned, which includes vehicle make and model. For parts that have to be delivered to
the store to fulfill a customer purchase, a transfer request is created. Data associated with these
transfers include tracking number, invoice number, date, parts number, origination location
(store or warehouse) number, destination store number.
Assignment 2
Task 1
Draw an ERD for AutoParts Warehouse indicating the types of relationships between the
entities. (30%)
Task 2
For each of the entities identified, design tables and identify the possible candidate keys,
the primary key, a probable foreign key, and potential secondary keys. (25%)
Task 3
Create fully normalized 3NF table designs for the system. (25%)
Task 4
Suggest ways AutoParts Warehouse can use codes to simplify output, input, and data
formats. (20%)