Collect voice of customer (VOC) and develop a quality function

Investigative Paper Assignments Paper 1: Product Design – QFD and Product FMEA analysis Due Date: February 11, 2018 Objective: Develop and apply a QFD and Product FMEA for a product of your choice. Collect voice of customer (VOC) and develop a quality function deployment (QFD) matrix. Identify a minimum of 4 customer requirements and 4 product design characteristics. Be specific. Select two versions of the product and complete a product evaluation for the two versions against the customer requirements. Develop a product failure modes and effects analysis (Product FMEA) for the product including a minimum of four rows of entry on the FMEA. This can range from one type of failure with four possible causes to multiple types of failures with causes for each. Present improvement ideas based on the analysis, estimate changes in ratings, and calculate new RPN based on expectations for improvements. Paper Structure: One page Executive Summary ~Two pages supporting documentation Attached QFD table and FMEA table Paper Content: • Executive Summary Brief but provides key details so decision maker can quickly understand the product, the application of the tools, your conclusions, and act on your recommendations. • Introduction Brief. What was done, why should I care, and how will it benefit the company or organization? • Production Engineering Concepts Brief. Describe the production engineering concepts and tools you are going to apply. • Product Description Brief. Adequately provide the background on the product and organization. • Application of the Concepts and Tools Discuss application of the concepts and tools to the product and analyze results. In this case these are QFD and FMEA. Be creative in methods for obtaining data in supporting your work (interviews, published sources, reviews, etc). • Conclusions • Recommendations and Future Work • Tables, Figures, References, and Acknowledgement Be sure to document sources of information. Grading: Writing Skills: (20) • Organization and format / Content and Ideas /10 • Writing Conventions / Sentence Fluency /10 Technical Content: (80) • Executive Summary……………………………………………………. /20 • Introduction/Production Engineering Tools/Product. /15 • Application of the Concepts and Tools /25 • Conclusions/Recommendations/Future Work /10 • Tables, Figures, References, and Acknowledgement /10 Total: /100 pts

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