collaborate in the community services sector

Write a 5 page booklet called ‘How to Network and collaborate in the community services sector. This booklet should outline how to establish and maintain collaborative partnerships. You need to explain these things in terms of relationship building and the development of networks that will benefit both the individual workers and the organization.

The booklet should consider such things as: representation, promotion of a positive organization and its services, management of complaints, making suitable accommodation for the cultural differences of clients and network associates.

When creating your booklet: you can decide how to set the booklet out, you may present information in point form, however, your treatment of each topic needs to be thorough, the information needs to be communicated clearly, the booklet must be set out in a logical order

You can reference the information provided in this unit, but you will also need to demonstrate that you have undertaken extra research. Remember to property cite and reference any material from other authors.