Cloud Systems Design

Topic: Newly Created Cloud VPN – a new design I must create

Please See attached Phase 1 & Phase 2 and Slide to use as a reference

  1. New Cloud Systems Design Diagram:

System architecture environment security, and controls design diagram 

must have 18 to 20 points and 15 pieces of hardware

  1. Diagram must includescreenshots with a visible operating system date/time and unique piece of information that identifies the student’s computer for credit.
  2. Results of Final Cloud – 
  3. 700 words 3 references
  4. Over 400 lines of accurate code/scripting/configs tested with at least one measurement using appropriate statistics, reliability, and validity.
  5. And/or more than 5 accurate quantitative analyses such as regressions,classifications, correlations, etc tested with at least five measurements using appropriate statistics, reliability, and validity.