Cloud Computing Please note: All the .

Cloud Computing Please note: All the efforts were taken to ensure the given web links are accessible. However, if they are broken – please use any appropriate video/article and refer them in your answer 1. Read the article at and answer the following: (150 words) What is Data Science? 2. For each course, both foundation and advanced, you find at briefly state (in 2 to 3 lines) what they offer? Based on the given course description as well as from the video. The purpose of this question is to understand the different streams available in Data Science. 3. Read the following research paper from IEEE Xplore Digital Library the research paper Ali-ud-din Khan, M.; Uddin, M.F.; Gupta, N., “Seven V’s of Big Data understanding Big Data to extract value,” American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE Zone 1), 2014 Zone 1 Conference of the , pp.1,5, 3-5 April 2014 and answer the following questions: I. Summarise the motivation of the author (in one paragraph) (120 words) II. Explore the author’s future work by using the reference [4] in the research paper. Summarise your understanding how Big Data can improve the healthcare sector in 300 words. 4. Big Data Platform In order to build a big data platform – one has to acquire, organize and analyse the big data. Go through the following links and answer the questions that follow the links: Check the videos and change the wordings − − − − Please note: You are encouraged to watch all the videos in the series from Oracle. How to acquire big data for enterprises and how it can be used? (100 words) 5. Based on the below given video link and google search: Write a paragraph about memory virtualization. (120 words) 6. Watch the below mentioned YouTube link: Based on the video answer the following questions: I. What is RAID 0? (100 words) II. Describe Striping, Mirroring (75 words each) 7. Storage Design Summarize storage repository design based on the following video link: (120 words) 8. Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) are widely used concepts in data storage arena. The following YouTube video links gives detailed description of these concepts: − − − − Based on the watched videos answer the following questions: I. What are the advantages of SAN over NAS? (100 words) II. What are two common NAS file sharing protocols? How they are different from each other? (100 words)

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