ClientServer using KnockKnock

ClientServer using KnockKnock Due Wednesday by 11:59pm Points 20 Submitting a file upload File Types zip and pdf Available until Sep 2 at 11:59pm Attach a zip file containing your working knock-knock code. Attach a PDF file with a written description of how this code works in your own words. This should be an “executive summary” memo-style report. It should be simple enough for a non-technical CEO to understand, but have enough accurate detail to be valuable to the typical executive. The report must, first of all, explain what a “socket” is in terms the layman can understand. Secondly, use your system as an example of sockets in action. Use a UML Class Diagram and a UML Deployment Diagram to make your points clear. You may use additional UML diagrams if you wish. You can use Visio, Lucidchart, or any other approved UML tool. see: The Elements of UML 2.0 Style by Ambler (books24x7)