clear description of the issue

Essay should include: A clear description of the issue associated with the argument Relevant background information about the issue A direct statement that identifies the argument you believe Dawson makes in her book (the claim for your essay) Main points (reasons) you see in support of her argument Key points (reasons) found in library sources that support or more fully explain Dawson’s argument Your claim in this essay should be supported by: Material from at least TWO (2) library(print) sources (refer to Collin library databases) Specific details (examples, brief quotations) from Death in the Air. When you refer to or quote from specific passages in your sources and Death in the Air, be sure to explain how these passages support or explain the point(s) you make in the essay General Essay Guidelines: Mini-essays follow the same conventions as regular essaysparagraph transitions, topic and concluding sentences, thesis statement, and introduction and concluding paragraphs. See the list below for more requirements: At least THREE (full) pages in length Margins: 1 inch (top, bottom, sides) Font: Times New Roman, 12 point font. Line spacing: Double-space EVERYTHING (extra line spaces between paragraphs and other sections of the paper is incorrect). ALWAYS use the sample MLA research paper in your textbook as your model for your essays. MLA in-text citations should be used EVERY time reference is made to either a primary or a secondary sourcethis includes references to material and paraphrases of material as well as direct quotes MLA formatting guidelines: see the sample MLA research paper in your text bookuse it as a model for your essays in this class. . .pay attention to and follow the marginal guidelines College-level grammar and mechanics (grade is based on the quality of writing AND the level of critical thinking/analysis)