cite your source in text using signal phrases

There are two parts to this task. Part 1 Review the class PowerPoint carefully. Read carefully the article about tuition below. Then answer the following questions in complete sentences. Be sure to cite your source in text using signal phrases.
1. What is Hanson’s main argument (thesis)? 2. What is Hanson’s claim about low income families? Phrase this as “argument + becau. + claim”. 3. What is Hanson, claim about student incentive/motivation? Phrase this as “argument + because + claim”. 4. What is Hanson’s claim about tax? Phrase this as “argument + because + claim”.
Part 2 Choose ONE of Hanson, claims relies heavily on the use of data/statistics. Then answer the following question: What are the statistics or data Hansen uses as support for this claim? Analyze these based on the questions below:
•ls the data relevant? Do the data directly support the claim? •Do the data come from reliable sources? How do you know? Do the data apply to all situations or circumstances? Are there cases where the data might not apply? •Can the data be interpreted in different ways? •Is the data presented objectively? •Do the data presented leave you with any unanswered questions? •Does the author confuse correlation with causation? Think especially about cause-effect relationships.
Here is a link to the reading:
CP Task 9.1 Reading .docx