Choose your organisation

Step 2: Choose your organisation
As a group, select the organisation for which you will develop an E-Business plan. It can be based anywhere in the world; Large or small business.
Step 3: Develop your report
Create the report, using the following structure (no. of words is provided as a guide).
1. Introduction — explain what your plan is all about (200 words) 2. Background – provide a brief summary of the new/improved E-Business initiative/the product or service/the organisation (300 words) 3. Analysis — includes an outline of: o Industry, market (i.e. buyers) and competitors (400 words) 0 Positioning, Value Proposition, Key Segments / Target Market (400 words). 4. Action plans and recommendations: Include areas that are relevant to your plan, such as a. Technology (hardware/software/cloud computing – SAAS model); b. Improved areas such as security/payment methods/order fulfillment/customer service); c. Marketing areas, such as website design, social media, mobile marketing, SEO and SEM, online advertising (The total no. of words for this section is 1000 words). 5. Conclusion (200 words) 6. References (use the Harvard referencing method) 7. Appendix (not compulsory to use).