Choose two determinants of health

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Task Instructions
Step 1: Choose two determinants of health from the provided list.
• Education • Employment • Income • Housing
Your video will be informed by weeks 1 – 4 course readings as well as the Moodie content and your own research conducted using the Federation University library databases. You should include:
• An introduction to the topic that also includes your health determinants. • Discuss what a health determinant is and how this can contribute to health and illness -particularly in your LGA. • Discuss and define the social gradient. Align it to your chosen determinants. • Provide a reflection of your understanding.
Ensure that you complete the readings for weeks 1 4 to assist you with your essay. Seek other peer reviewed journal articles or text book chapters to respond to the assessment criteria as well.
Use the Federation University Library Database store – consider searching in the databases around health and health professions such as CINAHL, ERIC,
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