choose an organisation

our Task
Select an organisation that you are either familiar with (you may, or may have, worked there) or have researched. Ideally, choose an organisation within the professional services sector (eg: Financial, Legal, insurance, medical, etc). You may choose to focus on an organization in another industry but you should seek advice from your lecturer first.
For this organisation, you may identify ethical issues or aspects from a range of areas covered in the readings and lecture notes. These include:-
1. Ethics at the Individual Level
2. The dynamic of Groups and Ethics in the organisation
3. The Organisational Ethics Construct (How does the organisation ensure ethical behaviours?)
In your response you should:-
A. Identify and define the Stakeholders and their stake.
B. Determine the key issues facing management when managing these stakeholders.
C. Evaluate the Stakeholder value management response. This may include:-
(i) rational, process and transactional levels
(ii) stakeholder inclusiveness and relationships
(iii) stakeholder power: awareness, knowledge, admiration, action
(iv) monitoring and communicating with stakeholders
(v) winning stakeholder support
(vi) tangible and intangible resources to deliver stakeholder value
D. For the following Stakeholders, identify, discuss and evaluate the organisation’s ethical construct from a range of stakeholders which may include:
(i) Shareholders
(ii) Customers
(iii) Employees
(iv) Suppliers
(v) Community (Publics)
(vi) Determine associated accounting constraints and enabling processes