• First Chiquita must ask the government for security and protection as the sustainability of the company in the Colombian market had a great effect on the Colombian economy and this sustainability is needed for the government as well as the company.
    Otherwise, the alternative will be layoffs of 12000 individuals who work for The company and disrupt the Colombian economy by stopping investment in Colombia. From business-wise, the company will lose many potential profits if it exits from the Columbian market.
  • Leaving Colombia and trying to find another country that meets its business objectives and didn’t violate its core values and ethical issues as the company is one of the largest banana producers in the world and a major supplier in Europe and North America which means that it can handle the business effect of exit from Colombia.
    The company must follow its values: “integrity” So, this company will not support terrorists that’s why losing profits is much easy that losing the image of the company.