childcare centre

EYLF Iniplementation Plan Vs part of my vocational trainin g successful implementation of the Early for Early Childhood Education, I am required to demonstrate rhildcare centre. To doe ent my Years Learning Framework in a registered your assistance by observing Inv successful completion of this task, I would like to request performance in the workplace, and providing support or sUpervision when needed. Below is a plan I have created to achieve each of the five v.,FLY learning outcomes. ()nee t’i’c’ completed implementation of my plan, I will be requestingyou to answer an observation S:orm to provide feedback on in performance. This plan Will provide yoti ti•they vislaiwk, 011 your assessment of my EYIAF implementation skills.
Learning Outcome
jChildren have a strong sense of identity. • Children feel safe, secure, and supported • Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependenm, resilience and sense of agency • Children develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities • Children learn to interact in relation and to others with care, empathy an respect
Children are connected with and contribute to their world. • Children develop a sense of belonging to goups and communities and an understanding rocal rights of the recip and responsibilities necessary for active community participation • Children respond to diversity With • Children become aware of fairness respect • Ch become ocially responsible and show respect for the environment