Child exploitation 1,050 word paper Thi.

Child exploitation 1,050 word paper This paper also has to ran through plagiarism center and submitted to my teacher along with my assignment this assignment also to be formatted in apa format and any resources has to be quoted and reference. This is the assignment it has to be run through plagiarism center and report has to be submitted with assignment it has to be in APA format sources has to be quoted and reference need this assignment Monday Oct 10, 2016 5 pm eastern standard time thanks. Child exploitation is a critical form of abuse, which may derive from within the family structure, but primarily occurs outside the family. Write a 1,050- to 1,300-word paper explaining the effect each of the following types of child exploitation has on the child and the family, as well as how they differ: • Child pornography • Child prostitution • Child labor • How technology may contribute to child exploitation • The role of the human services professional in identifying and intervening in child exploitation cases Format your paper consistent with APA guideline Everything requested will be provided correct APA styles resources and quotes reference and Plagiarism checker results please and thanks.

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