change to NCAA operating bylaws

For this second project of the class, you are to consider a change to NCAA operating bylaws. Begin by imagining either a new bylaw to the NCAA Division Manual or a change to an existing bylaw.
Next, write a report specifying the following: 
(1) the language of the proposed bylaw
(2) the bylaw number for the proposed bylaw (or the existing bylaw if you are changing a current bylaw)
(3) a detailed explanation as to why the bylaw should be adopted into the NCAA Manual, including a study into the history of the issue.
The report must be no fewer than 1000 words and is to be submitted in typed, double-spaced form. You will be graded on the complexity of the issues that you identify, analysis of the issues, ability to properly and clearly express these issues, references and language usage. A report that does not follow the required typed/spacing form will receive a deduction of one point. This project is worth 20% of your overall grade.
Your report is to be submitted to the professor ONLY through the Project II link. The professor will not accept papers by hand or by e-mail. Late papers will not be accepted without deduction without the prior consent of the professor. Extensions may be granted on an individual basis and will only be granted for particularly sensitive cases. Late papers will receive a deduction of one point per calendar day submitted past the due date.
You may use your notes, articles, library resources and Internet research. Where required or appropriate, you must cite to your sources in either APA format.
You may not, under any circumstances, share research with any other student or work in combination with any student. The work that you turn in must be only your own. Academic dishonesty in any manner will not be tolerated by any student at any time. Noncompliance, which shall be determined at the sole
discretion of the professor, shall result in the student receiving a score of zero points for the project and may result in the professor contacting University disciplinary officials.

Identify Current NCAA By-Law to change; Create New By-Law for NCAA    40 points
Employ NCAA By-Law language in change, or new law. Number of By-Law updated    20 points
Description of Why this Law should be changed    20 points
Who benefits from new By-Law    10 points
Sources    10 points