challenges faced by families in poverty

When looking at the challenges faced by families in poverty who also have a family member with a disability, there are many. Some of those challenges being exposure to risk conditions, such as lead poisoning and other health related issues. When living in poverty there is also a lack of access to resources that may be necessary, like therapies, specialty doctors and other early intervention services. Children with disabilities living in poverty may also not have the best quality of care, leading to poor development or other health issues. Children with disabilities need a little extra love and attention, but living in poverty the parent may not be able to adequately meet the child’s needs due to focusing on keeping a roof over their head and food on the table. As a service provider, I could help families reach out to many different organizations, such as food banks, churches, or any smaller community that the family may be involved in. While social supports are good, it would also be beneficial to the family to reach out to programs like early intervention, WIC, or even a shelter to help the family get back on their feet. If child care is needed so the parent can provide an income, helping the parents find safe and reasonable child care would also be beneficial. There are many resources available, the family’s living in poverty most of the time just don’t have the time and money to use or research the programs they may need.

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