Referencing Styles : Harvard This assessment task asks you to address an issue which has occurred within the Brisbane branch of your organisation. The issue has been referred to the Management Group of the organisation by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Each member of the group has been tasked with preparing a report that addresses the issue. When completed the report will be forwarded to the CEO for consideration. Whichever member of the management team submits the best report will be promoted. Note: You will be assigned an issue in your tutorial in Week 3. Tips for writing the report: Use the template on the following pages to structure your brief. You can modify the structure any way you like but be sure to include a cover page that has your name, student number and word count on it. Please note there will be a 6 mark deduction for Reports which are less than 1350 words or more than 1750 words. The title page and reference list is not included in the word count – in text references are.

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