learning activities and resources

This assessment draws on learning activities and resources from Modules 1 and 2. It is designed for you to engage in the decision-making process and then reflectively analyse your decision-making process using only theories and concepts from the Business Decision Analytics course (MGT602). You should include in your reflective report: ■ The decision-making problem detailed by your learning facilitator ■ Analysis of your decision-making preferences (see activity Module 1) ■ Analysis and influence of your personality traits and the impact on your decision-making ■ Details of the sources of data collected during the decision-making process and how this data was evaluated/analysed ■ Analysis of the decision-making process using any of the models discussed in Modules 1 and 2 plus any of your further relevant readings ■ Analysis of written feedback from at least 2 other people on your decision-making process in the topic nominated by your Learning Facilitator ■ Discussion of your biases and blind spots uncovered from research of your personality traits and feedback from your peers. ■ Relevant visual interpretation of data / trends/ patterns ■ As a reflective analysis you will present your analysis in the first person.