Cash Position 4. Analysis of Market Conditions Graph

SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET For use with online submission of assignments Please complete all of the following details and then make this sheet the first page of each file of your assignment – do not send it as a separate document. Your assignments must be submitted as either Word documents, text documents with .rtf extension or as .pdf documents. If you wish to submit in any other file format please discuss this with your lecturer well before the assignment submission date. Student Name: Student ID No.: Unit Name: Unit Code: Tutor’s name: Assignment No.: Assignment Title: Due date: Date submitted: Declaration: I have read and understand the Rules Relating to Awards (Rule 3 Section 18 – Academic Misconduct Including Plagiarism) as contained in the SCU Policy Library. I understand the penalties that apply for plagiarism and agree to be bound by these rules. The work I am submitting electronically is entirely my own work. Signed: (please type your name) Date: Date of Board Meeting Name of Report Author(s) Approved by: 1. Overview of Expected Results 2. Product Analysis Bikinis Board Shorts Towels Bags Contribution Margin Table 1: Contribution Margin by Product 3. Cash Position 4. Analysis of Market Conditions Graph 1: Retail Clothing Trends, Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics [link to source] 5. Summary of Recommendations References

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