Case study problems

Case study problems
1. What factors contributed to the early success of Fitbit? In your answer, conduct a 5Cs and
SWOT analyses for Fitbit including consideration of the characteristics of the wearable
device market and future opportunities.
2. What competitive advantages does Fitbit possess, including consideration of brand, market
share, market position, products and pricing?
3. Evaluate the current segmentation, targeting and positioning for the wearable device
market, including the competitors named in the case and other brands (not mentioned) who
may have entered or have the potential to enter the market.
4. Develop a perceptual map(s) using traditional price-benefit and/or newly developed
mapping tools (e.g., centrality-distinctiveness) that compare the positioning of Fitbit in the
marketplace to the positioning strategies of each relevant competitor from Question 3.
Which company and strategy will be most effective in the future and how do you perceive
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the future market? Your arguments need to be supported by your understanding of each
company’s strategy, strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages, in combination
with your expectation of the market, with supporting justifications from the case, other