Case Study Assignment

Assessment 3
Assessment type: Case Study Assignment — Individual Assessment (2000 words) Purpose: This assessment is a report on System analysis and modelling. The report is designed to assess your practical understanding of system analysis and design within a system project. Having analysed the project case study, you are assumed to have a clear insight into the scope of the system analysis within a system development project. Students are required to analyse system requirements and draw diagrams such as Activity diagram, Use case, Domain model, System Sequence modeling diagram and user interfaces for the given case study. The assessment aims to develop your understanding of relevant skills and issues in various aspects of system analysis and design. This assessment contributes to the teaming outcomes a, b, c and d.
Value: 20% Due Date: Week 11 Assessment topic: Analysing and Modelling System requirements Submission requirements details: Submit in Moodie through Turnitin by Sunday of Week 11, 11.59pm. Task Details: Case Study Case Study: KOISports KOISports is a playing club, variety of sports activities are available with a high number of club members.
The club publishes a newsletter every week. Each week newsletter contains 10 articles and 5 small paid advertisements. Every week one club member gets designated as an editor by the club president. The editor responsibility is to collect articles and advertisements. Publication day is Wednesday, and it contains news of the previous week.
Presently, the collection process is manual. However, the president wants to get it automated through a system. The system needs to record which members have submitted articles, what advertisements have been published, and who to schedule as an editor for upcoming editions. Therefore, as a business systems analyst of Single Information Services (SiS), the president has asked you to analyse and develop a new automated information system i.e. KOISports Club Information System (KSCIS).