Case Study

Axia College Material

Appendix M

Week Six Assignment

Locate the HBR Case Study: Into the Fray, using the University Library EBSCOhost major article database. Use the below search criteria to locate the case study.

Title: Into the Fray

Reference: Peebles, M. Ellen, Widmann, Nancy Clifford, Kopelan, Amy Dorn, Hassan, Fred, Cohen, Allan, Rhodes, Gary B., Harvard Business Review, 00178012, Jan2005, Vol. 83, Issue 1.

Database: Business Source Premier.

Open and read the PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text copy. While reading, note when and how power and politics play a role in Michael’s dilemma.

Submit a 700- to 1050 word expert opinion, detailing what you think Michael’s next steps should be. Your opinion should address these questions:

What dependencies exist? Think not only in terms of Michael’s workplace, but also, his home.

Do Michael’s colleagues demonstrate legitimate or illegitimate political behavior? Explain.

What should Michael do about the China opportunity? Why?

What should Michael do about the open position for President of U.S. Operations?

Does Michael have any power in this situation, and if so, what type(s) of power?

How can Michael improve his political edge? Provide at least two or three solid suggestions, including power tactics, for Michael to use.

Include an outline of an ethical political strategy designed to help Michael secure and excel in the job you think he should pursue. Your strategy should identify three political moves, all of which would give him an advantage in either getting the U.S. job, or for making the most of a new job in China. Feel free to borrow from or expand on the ideas proposed by your fellow experts in the case study (citing these experts where necessary).

Apply APA formatting standards to your expert opinion.

Post your expert opinion to the Individual forum.