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Assignment 2: ABS Homes case study




ABS Homes, which is headquartered in Melbourne, is a medium-sized, fast-growing construction company. Due to its significant growth and good reputation for building quality single-family homes and townhouses, the company decided to expand its business to Adelaide. For this purpose, the company will develop three projects in 2023 as follows:





Project 1: Building a new office and 5 display homes on Block X, Cross Road, Urrbrae SA 5064. Single-family homes in suburban areas can be one of the best strategic directions for ABS Homes. Most of the clients who are interested in a quality life and view their home as an investment prefer buying single-family homes; they realise that it is easy to rent, sell, and finance.



Project 2: Constructing a 20 storey-apartment at the corner of Regency Road and Churchill Road, Prospect SA 5082. This type of building is more popular among those who prefer urban areas and a busy social life. Clients are usually unmarried or married with no children.



Project 3: Launching a marketing campaign promoting new home designs (Project 1) and the apartment (Project 2).


Requirements: Choose one of the above projects and prepare a project management plan (following the provided template). Groups of 4 members need to cover all four topics, whereas groups of 3 only include Project charter, Stakeholder management plan and Communication management plan. The marking criteria for Assignment 2 are as follows:

Introduction & conclusion








Project management plan






1. This is a hypothetical case study; please do not bother the real owners of those properties.

2. Please feel to make any assumptions or add more details to the case study when preparing your group report; such assumptions/details should be presented in the Project charter.

3. Each topic in Section 2 consists of two different parts:

3.1 the first part in italics is theory-oriented, e.g. ‘Discuss the importance of project charters in project management.’ You may not need to relate to the case study when preparing it.

3.2 the other part is practice-oriented, e.g. ‘Identify project stakeholders.’ You should write this part with regard to the context of the selected project.