Case assignment

related issues and developments. (for further explanations on the assignment, see the file: Case assignment CRM_RESIT_2018-2019. The organisation that we will focus on is called Diamant Centrum see a link as followed The organisation doesn’t have any means of CRM rather than loyal customers coming back and clients coming in through google. The report needs to be backed-up with theories from the book which can be found within the files together with the assigned chapters and assessment model for the report. Look into it and let me know if you have questions regarding the file. FILE NAME: CRM – Book – Essential Chapters – Assessment model Feel free with what you do within the assignment. I do expect you to follow the: AMSIB Reporting Guidelines 2018-2019. Which I uploaded as a file. This part is essential, and I do want you to stay stick to the guidelines of the report I uploaded an example report that our professor has uploaded to the file’s: Example report CRM case assignment. The files will help you through the structure and content of the report. Please read through all the documents thoroughly to get a clear understanding. For any questions, you can send me a message at any time.