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Why C Programming Assignment Help Service?

As computers have become integral part of our modern life, students are required to take computer science with their major courses. C is a programming language which is always there in computer science curriculum and for many students it is not easy to understand just by studying it theoretically. A student who specializes in other subject’s face problems on handling c programming assignments and seeks help from online experts. Thousands of students seek help with c programming assignment from our website to avail our expertise to guide them through their assignments.

C programming assignment help topics

  • Writing, compiling, and debugging programs;
  • C file structure; variables;
  • Preprocessor macros;
  • Functions and problem statements;
  • Types, operators, expressions
  • Returning from functions
  • Arrays, Pointers, strings, sorting and searching algorithms
  • Linked lists, trees
  • Multidimensional arrays, Pointers to pointers, stacks and queues
  • Using and creating libraries, B-trees and priority queues
  • Function pointers, hash table

Some facts about C

  • The predecessor of C was B language. It was available during the 1970s.
  • The invention of C programming language was done write the UNIX operating system.
  • C programming language is the most popular and widely used programming language.
  • C is used for implementing most of the software.
  • The most popular operating systems Linux and RDBMS MySQL is written in C language.

Uses of C programming language

A C program can be written in three lines to millions of lines with text files having extension “.c”. The codes of C language run as quickly as that of assembly language and hence it was adopted for system development language.  Some of the uses of C programming language are:

  • Language compilers
  • Operating systems
  • Text editors
  • Assemblers
  • Print spoolers
  • Modern programs
  • Network drivers
  • Language interprets
  • Databases
  • Utilities

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