business to consumer and business to business markets

Strategic Management MBA 7002 Assignment (Individual Work) Word limit: 3000 words Weighting of assessment: 50% total marks Learning Outcomes Covered • Evaluate and reflect on the influences driving demand within the business to consumer and business to business markets and the factors influencing the strength of their influence • Critically assess the strategic implications of various cost-output relationships • Gain insights into relationships of the characteristics of markets to business performance Brief • This is an Individual Assignment • You are required to produce an academic/research document maximum 3000 words Topic: Strategic change management to capture benefits of demand change “Opportunities are found in changing environments, not in stable environments”, Richard Branson once said. The true entrepreneurs welcome changes or even volatility in the corporate environment. However, the firm which operates in a changing environment must gave two strategic capabilities: Identify the great opportunities emerging from change, and the ability to change and capture the opportunity, to change the organization’s Mission, Strategic Capabilities, Competitive advantage(s), Structure, Culture, Technology, Location, or Marketing strategy, to benefit from changes. Task Identify an organization which identified an opportunity as a result of change in its environment and prudently changed to benefit by the new opportunity. The objective of change should be to benefit from the demand change (domestic or international). Recent cases of change (less than Five years) are most preferred. 1. Clearly identify and critically describe the environment change and how the environmental change led to a demand change. Ex. End to the civil war increasing the inflow of tourists. 2. How did the organization identify the early signs of environmental change and demand change. 3. What organizational changes did the organization made to benefit from demand change? 4. Critically explain how the organization’s culture and leadership influenced the change management process 5. Critically assess the effectiveness of the change management exercise and provide recommendationps for a better change management plan. 6. Provide a critical view of schools of thought on strategic management.[This is an independent task and not related to the previous five tasks] Assessment criteria The following criteria will be used when marking your Assignment: 1. Clearly identified the environmental change (10%) 2. Clearly identified the opportunity (ies) created by the environmental change, and demand change (20%) 3. A clear assessment of how the organization responded to changes and managed the organizational change(s) (10%) 4. Explain the influence of the organizational culture and leadership in change management (10%) 5. Rationality and the validity of conclusions and recommendations, based on analysis and findings (20%) 6. Provided a critical review of various schools of thought on strategic management (20%) 7. Extent and relevance of references and conformity to Harvard systems of citations (10%)

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