business-to-business marketing (BBM) organisation

Referencing Styles : APA Part A. Written Report As a marketing manager, you would need a clear understanding of your customers, including their buying behaviour, and major needs and wants. Based on a business-to-business marketing (BBM) organisation with which you are familiar: 1. explain how organisational customers/prospects typically would move through the organisational buying decision process when considering the purchase of a product (physical good or service) marketed by your selected BBM organisation 2. identify and explain the (likely) needs of organisational customers targeted by your selected BBM organisation, and explain how those needs might differ from those of another organisational customer segment targeted by a competitor with a different (but related) product offering 3. identify and explain key implications regarding the required marketing mix for your selected BBM organisation given your answers to the above questions. Provide adequate information about your chosen BBM organisation and product so that the marker can assess your answer appropriately. However, limit this information to 50 words or less since it doesn’t contribute directly to your marks. (This paragraph, including this sentence, comprises 46 words, for example.) Part B. Oral Presentation Having completed the written report (Part A), you are tasked with producing a PowerPoint slideshow presentation with a script and recorded narration that presents your analyses and the implications of your findings. For the purposes of this presentation, imagine you are a Marketing Manager delivering this presentation to your CEO. Your presentation should demonstrate your understanding of key aspects of your report discussion topics; and your ability to apply relevant concepts/frameworks/models to your selected organisation and product, and to identify and analyse major implications for your selected organisation. Your presentation should not include additional material to your report. Rather, it should present the same material at a more strategic level. Your PowerPoint slides should provide the basis for your oral presentation. You should briefly mention the frameworks/models/theories you are applying within your analysis, before applying those to support your analysis and explanation. You don’t need to reference the literature in your PowerPoint slides unless you use verbatim content from any source. However, you should briefly mention the sources of theory in your oral presentation. (Of course, you should have provided appropriate references within your written report.) To ensure the relevance of your slide content, refer to your written report and note the major issues. A PowerPoint template is provided on the subject website for your presentation. Your presentation will be marked based on the criteria identified in the assessment grading scheme provided in Appendix 2. This assessment item has 2 components that must be submitted separately: 1. the PowerPoint presentation in the provided template (saved as a PDF with the audio script included in the slide notes) 2. the recorded Oral presentation, recorded and submitted via the learning portal. A PowerPoint template is provided (see supporting files) for your presentation. No other format will be accepted. Your presentation will be marked based on the criteria identified in the assessment grading scheme below.

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