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5.2.4 Assessment 4 — Reflection (15%) ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION sZtlijr’se”obfetlr-ieeTii-i7dT1?Z:evrtioir:virc!,74;1=th ro°1 elahcth”7nuonditul ET, ,”jasn7Webn’n ign trgUnelciOrtlhsreperor:d:cdt’aTtresn’dv: :thee book YaZ r;tort,7eleoire:e4=:Z17,,ftyt1.°” j’urneY thr°u” the u””- This flnal reflection will be 400-500 words
The final reflection must
Mao:nil:Tee Par”raPh Rolfe Reflective Framework • Contain a SMART goal • Link to the unit content
To develop your reflection, you can u. a variety of sources, including: FFeeeddltial=tZtmaesln:ftrroTittrss • Reflective tasks cornpleted during the semester • Activities and resources completed through the LMS Fieflective responses should not focus on the unit but your own learning journey throughout the unit HOW TO SUBMIT Submission porlals are available on LNIS. Further information for submitting the presentation is available on the LMS. HOW IT IS ASSESSED (summary, You will be assessed on these key criteria: • Unit Outcome 4 The assessment includes a moderation process to ensure reliable. just. and fair outcomes. Your assessment outcome vall be provided to you via the LMS FEEDBACK FOR LEARNING A rubric showing key assessrnent criteria is available on the LMS. Comments will not be provided for this assessrnent. FURTHER DETAILS
S. myMurdoch Learning for further details. such as instructions. comrnuni.tion. resources. guides. exemplars and a descriptive rubric assessment tool
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