Business Rules for Ola Cab

Business Rules for Ola Cab

Ola cab is ride sharing company. It operates in several cities of Australia.

Driver Registration Process

For driver registration, the driver needs to provide car information. Driver can register more than one car. However, one car cannot be registered by multiple drivers simultaneously. The car should meet the Ola cabs requirements. Each car should have either 2010 model or newer, 4 doors, minimum 4 passenger seats. Each car is categorised as either Sedan category (minimum 4 passenger seats) or SuV category (minimum 6 passenger seats). Car’s information such as number, manufacturer, model, year, date of purchase, insurance number and mileage also need to be provided at the time of registration.

The driver needs to also provide their name, date of birth, driver licence number with driving experience and proof of identity. The minimum driving experience required is 12 months. It is also recorded whether the driver has passed the police check or not. The driver also needs to provide bank account details such as account name, bsb number, account number. After checking of the documents, the driver is given an OLA cab unique registration number for identification.

Ola drivers need to provide daily schedule which includes work start time and end time. Ola cab keeps the record of each car’s location which gets updated every 5 minutes.

Car/Cab Maintenance

The driver is required to have regular maintenance of the car by a professional service centre who needs to conduct several tests to decide the condition of the car. The results of these test in each maintenance are also recorded. Following car maintenance information is also stored (1) date of maintenance, maintenance type, professional service centre name and (3) car’s condition.

Driver behaviour log

Ola cab maintains drivers’ driving behaviour history and his car maintenance information. The driving behaviour history record includes (1) behaviour breach activity type (traffic ticket, accident or customer complains) b) breach date, and (c) breach level (scale 1-5) (d) rider feedback. If a driver has more than 10 breaches in a year, OLA cabs may terminate driver’s registration in order to ensure safety of the passengers.

Driver Payment

Drivers receive the payment of each day on daily basis by bank deposits. Drivers can check the payment details including history of each ride, status of each ride (i.e. Completed or Cancelled), charge of the ride, star rating received and Ola cab fees deducted.

Rider Signup Process

Riders can signup with Olacab using their mobile number which is used to identify the rider. The rider needs to also give full name and email address to create an Ola account. During registration, the rider can select way of login either using password or OTP. If OTP option is selected, whenever rider login to the app a new OTP is used to login. Riders can add details of more than one credit card information or pay pal account for payment option. Riders need to also provide coupon code provided by their friends who has given referral for signing up Ola cabs.

Ola Promotion coupons

Ola issues several promotion coupons to attract more riders or increase loyalty of existing riders. These promotion coupons consist of a coupon code, discount %, and condition of promotion. For example, ola offers 20% off airport rides as part of its promotion. Another example is coupons for inviting friends to join Olas cab.

A rider can invite their friends to join Ola cab. They can do that using Ola app which generate a unique coupon code. This coupon code needs to be sent to the friend with Ola app download link. If the friend joins the Ola cab, both the rider and his/her friend can use the generated coupon to get discount in their rides.

Ride booking

For a ride booking, rider has to give the destination and pickup address. The rider also needs to choose type of ride/car such as Prime Sedan and Prime SuV. Each car type has a capacity, type and unit fare price. After selecting a ride type, one needs to book the ride. During the booking, rider can provide coupon code of a promotion for getting discount on the ride. The coupon code can be selected from the list of their coupon codes which can be seen in Ola App.

The booking is sent to a driver for confirmation. If driver accepts the booking, the rider will receive driver’s name, estimated arrival time, driver rating, and his profile photo, and car details such as car number. For each ride, a one-time passcode is generated that acts as a way to verify the right driver and right passenger.

The Ola database keeps the details of specific ride such as ride status (i.e. completed or cancelled), the time when driver arrives at the pickup location, time at which ride actually started, time at which the ride ended and if a call is made to driver by the rider. The payment for ride is processed automatically using the preferred mode of payment which is either credit card or paypal. After payment, customer will be issued an invoice containing charges such as fixed booking fee, fixed base fare, travel fee (calculated based on number of KMs travelled during the ride), waiting fee (calculated based on waiting time) and applied discount.

Rider can cancel the ride within 5 minutes, however booking fee is still charged and invoice is issued accordingly. If rider cancels the booking after 5 minutes a cancellation fee of $10 will be charged.

After the ride, the riders need to give star rating from 1 to 5 and specific comments about the ride.