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Organization: Amizon Consulting Pty Ltd

Project Name: AWS Simple Storage Service(S3) Integration Project

Project Description: All images and associated data in the TFG on the go HRM apps are currently stored in Salesforce File Storage. However, the file storage is running out of space. The aim of this project is to replace Salesforce File Storage with AWS S3. All files in the S3 Bucket should not be released to the public. We need to upgrade security to ensure that only authorised user accounts can have access to them. Old versions of TFG apps should work normally during the project. All client’s iPads should be able to receive and apply app updates at the end of the project on a continuing and ongoing basis.

AWS S3 provides cheaper but faster online file storage and fetching. By migrating files from Salesforce data storage to S3, the network response time of TFG apps can be reduced significantly whilst the overall cost can be cheaper.