Business Analysis Case Study

NIT3171 ICT Business Analysis & Data Visualization
Individual Assignment – Business Analysis Case Study (Stage II -50%)
Report Submission Date (through the Dropbox): Monday, 10th June 2019, 23:59pm (1 mark
will be deducted for each day of delay)
Presentation (5 minutes each): Week 12, in respective Classes
In this assignment, a frequently cited Boston housing dataset is given to you to apply data
mining techniques to resolve a business problem. Assuming that you are taking a business
analyst role in a real estate consulting firm, and you are asked to leverage your business
analytical skills to make better use of the given housing dataset.
By finishing this assignment, you will achieve the following learning outcomes:
1. Review the current algorithms, methodologies and modelling for ICT business
2. Evaluate various ICT business analytic tools and techniques; and
3. Propose a business analytics report to solve practical problems identified in an ICT
business project.
The entire assignment has two stages. In this individual assignment, you will finish the second
stage by yourself alone.
Main tasks to do in individual assignment:
Select one business analysis task* from Task 3 of your group assignment
Select an appropriate data mining method for your analysis task
Analyse and discuss your results/findings/achievement
Provide your suggestions based on your results/findings/achievement to business
Present your work to the class
Report to submit
You need to submit your report via dropbox on VU Collaborate, NIT3171 space. Each group
has its own submission dropbox, that is, one group only needs to submit one copy. You also
needs to submit your presentation PPT file. If you have any visualization file with large size,
please submit the original image file in .jpg, .gif, or other format that can be opened by
windows photo viewer. Your report should be saved in MS Word or PDF format.
A suggested report template could be:
Title page
Title of your report/task Your name & student ID
Unit code, unit name & submission date

Introduce the background of your business analysis task
Brief introduction of the problem/objective/goal/aim of your analysis task
Overview of your report, the organization of your report, tell your readers what they
will read from your report
Business Analysis problem/task
describe your business analysis problem in more details what specific task
will you do in this report?
what is expected to have by finishing this business analysis task?
The benefit or contribution that your business analysis task will achieve
What data mining method/algorithm/model is used to solve your business analysis
Brief introduction of the method/algorithm/model Why do you select this method
to solve the problem?
What data set do you use? Brief introduction of the data set
Pre-processing of your data set, what the ready-to-use data set will be? For example,
after attribute selection or after data cleaning
Result & discussion
Present your results and findings
Discuss your results
Provide any suggestion to business management
Summarize your report, highlight your business analysis problem/task, method, and
Everyone has 5 minutes for presentation. PPT is required to support your presentation.