Building Brand Equity via Brand Image

Attempt 1
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eBuilding Brand Equity via Brand Imag (4 marks)

analysis provided in all
used to support brand element selection. Deep analysis in most places.
support brand element selection. Elements of description with deeper analysis in places.
materials to support brand element selection. Primarily descriptive.
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High Distinction (HD) Distinction (D) Credit (C) Pass (P) Fail (F)
Demonstrates Demonstrates clear Demonstrates a sound Demonstrated an Demonstrates little or no excellence in identifying competence in ability to identity the adequate ability to ability to identify the the role of brand image identifying the role of role of brand image in identity the role of brand role of brand image in in developing brand brand image in developing brand equity. image in developing developing brand equity equity. Multiple, developing brand equity. Relevant, scholarly brand equity for the new for the new brand. No relevant, scholarly Multiple, relevant, secondary materials brand. Limited use of brand associations secondary materials scholarly secondary used. Brand associations relevant secondary and/or brand mantra used. Deep analysis of materials used. In some (core and secondary) and materials. Core and/or specified. both brand associations instances, deep analysis brand mantra specified. secondary brand (core and secondary) and of brand associations associations identified. brand mantra provided. (core and secondary) and Brand mantra may not brand mantra provided. be specified.
High Distinction (HD) Distinction (D)
Credit (C) Pass (P)
Fail (F)