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Assessment 2: Technology Assessment ReportYou need to write a 3000 word Technology Assessment Report. The report relates to an analytics assessment that address and then justifies the potential privacy issues from both: •the technology solutions that can be employed;•the organisational structures/process that need to be in place to ensure theprivacy of data is ensured.The technology assessment will be presented in a formal report. What you need to is: •you need to first select a technology;•assess the technology solutions you have selected and how it wouldimpact the privacy of data;•reflect and describe organisational structures process that would beneeded to ensure that the privacy of organisational data is ensured. In this assignment you will be focusing on the following Unit Learning Outcomes: •ULO4 – Apply and justify the use of a range of appropriate technological and organisational approaches to mitigate privacy risks associated with dataanalytics. •ULO5 – Evaluate vulnerabilities in organization and personal data and justifyappropriate strategies to attack and defend. Submit the assessment by the end of Week 11, Friday, 23:59 (AEST) – submitted electronically via FutureLearn. What do I do now? •Start collecting and researching information;•Think creatively!•Develop the report in Microsoft Word format.•Make sure you look at the rubric and the unit learning outcomes to make sureyou understand what you are being assessed (and marked on!).•The report should be between 2500 – 3000 words. SIT719 Security and Privacy Issues in Analytics Report Structure The structure of the report of 2500 – 3000 words could be broken down in the following sample way: •Executive Summary of your report findings (250 words); •Description of Technology (250 words) – description of the technology that youselected to assess; •Technology Solution Assessment (1250 words) – an assessment of thetechnology how it could impact the privacy of the data; •Organisational change assessment (1250 words) – an assessment of how thetechnology you have selected could change organisational processes andjustify why the changes would be needed. •References that you have used (not part of the word count).

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