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When talking about online academic writing services a major concern is trust. The trust of the students who need help and need to hire online help for better assignments. Along with which, they also have concerns in relation with the way in which the assignments are being written, the time of delivery of the work, the paying capacity, plagiarism, amendments, the quality of the work, and so much more. All we can say is that, the results that we bring speak for themselves. A well majority of our students have had results with distinctions and merits on their record.

When registering with us, you might ask:



What is important for us are the goals that we set. We aim at the best possible results for our clients and to provide them satisfaction at the absolute 100%. We can answer the above questions in the following ways:

The first is that we provide the best prices which are well suited to every student. In addition to the prices already set to ones that can be easily afforded by the students, you can also chat to the liver chat representative on the website to know of any current offers that may be available for you.

The second is that the Topic selection process for your thesis and dissertation work is very crucial and we understand this. The topic selection which is done is done so after thorough consideration and analysis of the requirements.

We have a team of expert writers who work on your assignments round the day.

We also provide a number of freebies, which include revisions of the work on the basis of the feedback received on it, proper referencing, and sessions of knowledge transfer to help the students attain information of the work that is done, free plagiarism reports, and so on.

How such results?

My Assignment Tutor has years of experience and has experts who are very well educated and experienced in their fields. They are research experts and veteran editors who are titans in their fields. We are seen as the best help for dissertations at the Master’s and PhD level, thesis writing, essay writing, and assignments.

Our writers and editors are we qualified.

We have a highly professional outlook to the whole process.

The source of data is authentic and relevant.

The work is 100% plagiarism free.

100% original and innovative work is done.

Free amendments on the basis of feedback.

On time delivery of the work.

Your identity will always remain confidential!

We are available 24X7 to help you and our experts are happy to help at any time of the day.


Dissertations are very critical as they determine the student’s overall grade. It is dais, that they can make your academic career, or…break it.

It needs are lot of time investing from you, at lot of energy and use of various academic skills are needed as well. There also needs to be originality, innovation and a new perspective in your dissertation to bring out the best grades and to fulfill your goal. The needs to include well researched topics, and the appropriate, to-the-point presentation of the knowledge, and the presentation of the application of that knowledge in actual situations.

For such a work in your dissertation it is important to know how the evaluation of the dissertation is done so that you can come up with the most appropriate work. This evaluation may have differing criteria at different universities, yet the basic expectation and methods for evaluation are mostly the same.

  • The skill of using the appropriate method of research to attain the findings in a very scientific manner and the way the conclusion are taken from that presentation of information is highly emphasized upon.
  • There must be originality in the dissertation work, and relevance must be maintained displaying your research skills.
  • Whatever the particular requirements are of your university must be fulfilled.
  • The presentation of the find must be done well, with the presentation being without any style or grammatical errors.
  • The review of the literature must be done in a very relevant way, which pertains to the specific topic of your research rather than dealing with the general umbrella topics. It must be a critical analysis of the work that has already been done along with being descriptive in nature, while linking the methodology and the review.
  • There must be justification for the research methodology in the dissertation. There must be minimum limitation or bias in the work.
  • The research question that has been made must be answered in the best possible way through the research that has been done and the hypothesis must also be clearly tested without any vagueness to it.
  • The finding and results must be represented in the best possible way to have clarity in the work.
  • In the discussion that you do, make sure that you first do an analysis of the main points and the they must be founded well in the research that has been presented and also link it to the literature that you have presented. The interpretation of the results must be exhaustive and there must be innovation in the relationship that is drawn with the hypothesis of the research.
  • There must be an inclusive list of references which must give a thorough account of all the sources that have been used in the dissertation.
  • There must also be suggestions and recommendation for studies that may be done in the future on the topic or related topics.

Following these, when the evaluation is done by the supervisors, a grade is proposed which may be accepted by the board of examiners or rejected by them, and the final grade is decided upon.

The writers at My Assignment Tutors, along with the editors and proofreaders work on the dissertations, assignments, coursework, and thesis by keeping a check on the grammar and any writing mistakes while keeping its presentation to the best.

Our service are unique and offered at the prices which will not burn a hole in your pockets.

Come to us, and hold success in your hands!

First things first, when writing a dissertation, the topic is selected. This is the most important part of your thesis as, this is where the rest of your work is built upon. So while selecting your topic:

  • Make sure you have its strength in your mind.
  • It must be interesting and something that maintains interest for some time.
  • There must be nothing offensive in your topic towards any group of the society.
  • It must not be too narrow or broad.

Make sure you get the consent of your supervisor for the topic.

Why get expert help?

We help you with selecting the right topic!

We will help you in making the right decision. The topic will not be such that makes your work stagnant and makes you get lost. Our experience in the field of dissertation writing and thesis writing will prove to be of extreme use to you. The topic will be with a lot of scope and also be interesting.

Access to data!

With us you will get more access to data for your work. There is unlimited amount of information on any topic that you my select! We have access to that information, more than you have, helping us in getting primary and secondary information which may be extremely useful for your research work. You can never possibly get as much information as our writing service can.

Expert team!

Our team has way more experience than you do in the area of dissertation writing, as they have been doing this for a long time and are highly qualified individuals. They are all experts in their fields. We know how to make the right selection for the topics and the best way to go about ahead. With us you can get the best research, and thesis writing possibilities.

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