being married increases your longevity



Studies have repeatedly suggested that being married increases your longevity. Why do you think that is? Do you believe this is true? What has to be present for marriage to have such an impact to a person’s life and development?
Grading: Each entry is worth 3% of your overall mark for a total value of 30% of your final grade in the course. There is a minimum length requirement of 250 words per entry (1.5%). Your ability to discuss the topic must demonstrate understanding of the topic and/or concepts while relating it to you personally (1.5%).
Unit Learning Outcomes:
• 9.1 Discuss the developmental tasks associated with Middle Adulthood. • 9.2 Define Type A Personality to determine personal risks associated with this collection of attributes. • 9.3 Explain whether personality can be changed to increase health. • 9.4 Critique the research that suggests marriage increases longevity.
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Jul 25. 2022 11:59 PM
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