BCLO001: Business Statistics

You have resigned from your employment and taking a break from work. Instead of staying home, you decided to help out at your parents’ café business (Café Luvitar) in the East Coast area, which is doing much better than expected with the economy opening up after 2 years of living with COVID-19 restrictions. Your parents encouraged you to learn the cafe business to let you take over eventually. Besides the hot and cold beverages, the cafe’s primary products are cakes and pies. All the products served at the café are baked by your parents, which is a key selling point. However, it is really hard work for your parents to prepare so many of these different products.

In addition, you would like to know how your parents’ café compares with others. Your good friend, Lynn, is also running a café (called Café Recharge) in the West Coast area of Singapore. Her café business is very similar to your parents’ café business. She agreed to share her information with you which can be found in the Table 2 worksheet in the EXCEL Data file. Based on your observations of both cafés, do you think customers are spending more per visit at Café Recharge than at Café Levitra? Since both cafés serve roughly the same number of customers each day, your parents’ café business is not performing as well as your good friend’s café business.