base of qualitative risk analysis information

Once again you and your colleagues have collaborated to draw out the best in each of you to contribute to an overall mutually benefiting knowledge base of qualitative risk analysis information centered on the essential inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs necessary for performing qualitative risk analysis.  You are now required to do two things.  First, train Larry, Lucy, and the other LSDS project managers to do qualitative risk analysis.  Second, work with Larry and Lucy to complete a qualitative risk analysis for the LSDS-Jupiter Systems joint project.
For your first requirement, prepare PowerPoint visual aids, twelve to fifteen slides, for the training you will deliver.  Since you will not be able to present live in the virtual space, use the speaker notes section of your PowerPoint visual aids to “voice”, “script”, or “record” what you would say to your audience.  Your last slide should be a References slide with APA formatted references, and you should use APA formatted citations to your references in the text of your speaker notes.
For the second requirement, you may use the PMBOK definitions of risk probability and impact in Section 7, and the probability and impact matrix in Section 8, but you must complete Section 6 Risk Categories of the PRMP, and then complete an initial qualitative risk analysis necessary for the LSDS-Jupiter Systems project.  Enter the results of your analysis for the identified threats and opportunities in the in columns 3, 4, and 5 of the Risk Register in Section 10.