Selecting the Business Project

Help with Themes – Selecting the Business Project
Compliance Transformation: poor training of staff leading to multiple problems.
Cost Transformation: efficacy of costing and pricing, move to digital currency etc.
COVID: having to adapt in lockdown and mitigate risks/costs.
Cybersecurity: preventing risk and increasing awareness.
Data & Analytics: ethics of big data, GDPR etc.
Disruption: shifting consumer behaviour and market demands.
Risk & Regulation: preparing for market volatility/crashes and/or product/service failures.
Sustainability: CSR and/or measuring wider impacts of products/services.
Technology: benefits or drawbacks of online market shifts, workplace changes, social media
presence etc.
Transformation: risks and benefits of innovation.
Trust: brand image and public trust.
Upskilling: lack of relevant skills, labour shortages or investing in future trends etc.
Diversity & Inclusion: workplace culture and demographics, class/race/gender differences etc.
Supply Chain: adequate and ethical sourcing of goods and services etc.