attribute within the init method

  1. Create a class named Stadium
  2. Use the init method to include the following three properties:
    • name
    • city_state
    • capacity

Hint! What is the property that is included in every method? Don't forget that one!

  1. Initialize each property/attribute within the init method
  2. Include a docString for the class and method
  3. Create another method within the Stadium class named describe_stadium
  4. The describe_stadium method should utilize each method from the Stadium class which will then print a description of the arena (see step 10 for an example of a description).
  5. Create a new instance of the Stadium class named stadium1.
  6. The stadium1 instance should provide values for each of the three properties of the Stadium class
  7. Finally, stadium1 should call the describe_stadium method.
  8. The output should be similar to the following:

The Mercedes Benz Arena is located in Atlanta, GA and holds 70,000 fans.