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Draft RP Assignment Questions with Answers
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1. When do you have to submit the draft RP assignment? Wednesday week 6. 2. What is the word limit for the DRAFT? How many words is the introduction? How many words is the body? Bachelor student —1080 words (Introduction — 120 & body — 960). MPCl/Master student — 1800 (Introduction — 200 & body — 1600) 3. Do you need to write a conclusion for the draft? NO 4. How many sources do you need to use for the draft? Bachelor student — minirnum 5 sources. MOP/Master student — minimum 8 sources. 5. Is It acceptable to use Wikipedia, blogs or sites you can download other students’ essays from as sources? Why/why not? NO because they are NOT academic sources and if you download another student’s essay and use it, it will be plagiarism. 6. What documents do you need to have in your RP Portfolio BEFORE you submit your draft RP assignment? I. Draft criteria sheet 2. Unpacking 3. Outline 4. Cover page 5. Reference list from draft RP assignment 6. Copies of ALL sources in your draft reference list — highlight sentences from which you have taken ideas/information — copies MUST BE iN THE SAME ORDER AS THE REFERENCE UST 7. Note-making tasks 7. How do you have to name the copy of each source you put in your RP Portfolio? You MUST narne each copy according to the in-text reference for that source eg Source 1 Smith et al (2017) Source 2 Brown & Jones (2020) 8. What do you need to do with the sentences in each source from which you have taken ideas/information for your draft RP assignment? Highlight the sentences. 9. What style and size font do you need to use in the draft? Arial or Times New Roman size 12. 10.What line spacing do you need to use? Double line spacing 11.What 2 things do you need to put at the bottom of each page? Footer (SURNAME first narne student number class year Draft) and page number.
12.Does the reference list need to be on a separate page? YES 13. Does the reference list need to be a separate document or must the draft and the reference list be one document? The draft RP assignment and reference list MUST be ONE document 14. what is the name of the document and in which tab in your notebooks is the document that gives you all the information about formatting and submitting the draft RP assignment? RP Assignment: Presentation Requirements, which is In your RP Portfolio.