assignment is to design a case study

our assignment is to design a case study:


You are required to design and write a case study question. This can be on any disease state you choose, but must be from the areas covered in this course. You need to write the case to include signs and symptoms of the disease state as well as patient specific demographics (age, gender etc that may influence the disease).

Once written, you must then answer the case explaining why the signs, symptoms and patient details would point to the condition you have chosen.

You are not being asked to write up an actual case from your laboratory, rather to design and answer a simulated case.

An example is also attached to outline the principles of what you are being asked.

Word count:

Question = max 750 words

Answer = max 1000 words

Once completed, attach the files using the ‘add attachments’ button in assignments in WebLearn.  You can submit both parts as one document or individually.

This assignment will be assessed for balance, accuracy and relevance.

The word limit for this case study is 1500 words