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Assignment details Diverse Perspectives on the World Economy (2210)
In your response you could refer to your learning and understanding of the school of thoughts relative to the following:
• World view: the ideological lens through which the members of the school refer to the real world
• The assumptions they make about the world (questioned and unquestioned) • Methods: how they study the economy • Examples of Applications- research areas or policy directions
How, why and what for?
Your reflective journal practice should consider some or all of the following:
• Does this learning experiences connect with, or relate to, other learning experiences you have had • What challenges did you experience when engaging with this concept/ topic • What is your personal opinion of this concept / topic • What is the relevance / application of this topic in the broader context of your study
• What questions did this topic raise for you that makes you curious and motivates you to explore more
See below for a sample reflective journal post with annntatinng to hale rn [kip vni it writinn•
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