Assignment Brief

Launching into Cyber Security March 2022
End of Module Assignment: OOP application of principles
and concepts
This final assessment will show how you evaluate critically solutions developed to solve/mitigate these security
issues. It accounts for 40% of your final module grade. The applicable word count of 600 words is for the
README file only. Remember to save your work to your GitHub repository.
Assignment Brief
You are now required to implement a Python code of a solution to the issue described in Unit 9. This could
be one of the solutions you recommended in your report submission in Unit 9 or one you did not
consider in that submission.
The cyber security approaches you have chosen should be clearly
highlighted. So your proposed solution could involve the implementation of Multi-factor Authentication and the
use of encryption technologies to store user data.
You are not expected to implement solutions that
involve the use of external devices, such as biometric devices.
Ensure you consider the feedback you
have received on your Unit 9 submission and in your formative programming outline submission.
Please write and test your scripts in Codio using the Python workspace created for you (
Assessment: Python
). All scripts must be documented and explained following best practices. This helps to ensure that
you carry out a critical evaluation of your program. Submit your saved exercise files in Codio before the end of
Unit 12
AND download a copy of the submitted file and submit it below.
Assignment Guidance
You will receive marks for unsuccessful answers if they build a logical argument. The deliverables for this
assignment and the associated grading criteria (to be reviewed alongside the criteria grid in the Module
Resources page) are:
1. Python code, covering
Code elegance – is the appropriate approach (techniques, algorithms etc) used?
Meeting your chosen solution requirements(Knowledge and Understanding weighted at 30%)
Application of object-oriented programming features and
Test data used to test the code. (Application of Knowledge and understanding weighted a 30%)
2. Structure and Presentation (weighted at 30%) focuses on
comments on the code explaining it,
your README file containing a description of the solution implemented and instructions on how to
execute the code (
600 words), and
how well you have organised your code
Please note that academic integrity also applies to codes, where all sources can be placed in the README file
and/or as part of the code commentary.
(Academic Integrity weighted at 10%)
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Learning Outcomes
Evaluate critically the solutions developed to solve/mitigate security issues
Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
We take academic integrity very seriously. Academic integrity means acting with fairness and honesty,
giving credit to others where you are referring to their ideas or research and respecting the work of others.
Plagiarism is defined as: ‘Using or copying the work of others (whether written, printed or in any other form)
without proper acknowledgement’. Before you finalise your assignment, take time to check that all your
statements, including lines of code, are backed up with supporting evidence, that all sources you use –
whether referring to their ideas, quoting directly or paraphrasing – are correctly referenced in the text or in the
code comments. Correct use of referencing acknowledges the academic/source whose work has informed
yours, enables the reader to find the sources you have used and demonstrates your ability to find and analyse
relevant information.
Failure to properly acknowledge the work of others is an academic offence and may result in your work
incurring a penalty or, in the most serious cases, you being removed from the course for academic dishonesty.
If you are unsure about referencing or plagiarism there are useful resources available in the Study Skills Hub
which is accessible from the menu on the left-hand side. If you are still experiencing difficulties with academic
integrity then you can contact the Study Skills Team for individualised support
[email protected]
Submission Instructions
Submit your saved exercise files in Codio before the end of Unit 12 AND download a copy of the
submitted file to submit it below
You can zip your code file with all other documentation you create (README file, Test data, and results,
etc) before submitting
Submit your saved document below before the end of Unit 12
After the deadline, the submission page will be locked
If you need to apply for Late Submission, please complete the
late submission of coursework form
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