Assignment 5 Brief Two main.

Assignment 5 Brief Two main sections: • An Executive Report – utilising your knowledge identify some of your key recommendations on how to deliver the project successfully. • A Project implementation Plan – a project deliverable from the methodology that the organisation has, a brief plan on the Planning, Implementation & Closing Stages of the project. Combine together into one document, submit as a PDF. The Assignment Scenario & Requirements document highlighted 6 key requirements – which are matched to their applicable section in red. Executive Report (Approx.1250 words total) • Management Report, written like a report • References! Introduction (150 words) • Brief Background • Reference Presentation • Reference Financials Recommendations (1000 words) 6. a set of recommendations as to how the project can be successfully implemented. 4 – 8 key management tactics/strategies for successful implementation of the Project • External Quality Assurance • Scope Change Management • Communications Management • Organisational Change Management • Development Approach (e.g. Waterfall or Agile) • Team Formation (HR Management) • Any other item from the course you believe execution of will assist successful implementation • Sponsors/Steering Committee Roles, etc • Scheduling techniques • Any other area of study from the course you feel is important for successful project delivery! Conclusion (100 words) • Brief Wrap-up Project Implementation Plan (Approx.750 words total) 1. a comprehensive pre and post implementation plan of the new customer systems for the organisation; 2. an implementation plan detailing time, cost and resource schedules. This is a project management document and you must fully demonstrate your skills in presenting a project management plan; • Plan covering the Planning, Implementation & Closing Process Groups • Concise Project Management document. Focus on clarify of communication (e.g. tables, Bullets, Numbered lists) • Referencing allowed, but likely most your referencing is in the previous section Planning Assumptions • In house Build or Buy • Contract or Internal Staff Plan Pre-requisites 3. an identification of resources required to implement the above project plan; • Resources • Budget Allocation • Stakeholders Monitoring and Control 5. strategies to tracking project progress (including cost) for the project; and How will the project schedule, budget, etc be monitored over the life of the project? Plan Budgets Covering time and cost, including provisions for risks and changes Plan Risk Management 4. a highlighting of potential risks (including challenges) and how these risks can be mitigated; Identify Risks to the Plan and recommend mitigation strategies • Key Resources • External Vendor • Requirements Quality/Completeness Schedule • Make sure you include Planning, Implementation & Closing Stages References (not included in word count) • Standard USQ Style Appendices (not included in word count) • Work Breakdown Structure/WBS Dictionary • Financial Analysis • Other Artefacts from Assignment 3 relevant to this document • Other models/etc

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