explain. Do you believe your sex is used (either for or against you) unbeknownst to you (modern prejudice) or is it more blatantly referenced?
Do you think it may be different for the “opposite” sex? How so? Either way,
How does it make you feel to know that people consider your sex as a factor in the judgments they make about you?
Considering the other types of gender theories in the textbook, do you think some factor other than biology may carry more weight in determining who you are? If so, what? Explain.
How might we resist biology being used as a factor to judge us? Do we want to? How might removing biology from the equation change some of our experiences? In other words, how would this play out in real life? Provide examples.

For this assignment, please answer from personal experience. Feel free to go into depth. You are trying to relate this from a college level junior, 21 year old females perspective. Does not need to be a formal essay. Just thoughts and ideas.