After you chose which text or texts you would like to work with, compose an original essay that makes a
specific argument about your chosen text(s). As you develop your thesis, consider the kind of arguments you encountered while working on Essay II—your argument should be unique, interesting, and complex. While this final project will be shaped by your focus, your essay should meet a few specific requirements. The introductory section of your paper should state your thesis, indicate the importance of your particular interpretation, and/or contextualize your argument within a larger scholarly conversation. The body of your essay should include original research, as well as references to peer-reviewed articles or books, or knowledge from non- literary disciplines that assists you in developing your argument; the body must include a rigorous close reading of textual details that support your argument. Your concluding section might perform a number of functions: offer a final summary of your points, reassert the importance of your argument, call for further research, demand that readers take a particular action in response to your interpretation, etc.

The assignment for this paper is open in that you may develop an argumentative thesis that focuses on a topic of your choosing. If you are interested in developing some other type of creative and critical final project that exists outside of the parameters given here, please consult with me.

When I evaluate your work, I will expect your completion of the specific requirements described above. I
will also expect to see the following:

a thesis statement that is clear, original, and argumentative,
a statement of how your work fits into a broader scholarly conversation,
• relevant evidence used to support your thesis–this must include textual examples from your chosen text(s), and at least some outside research,
developed and sustained analysis of the evidence you offer in support of your thesis, logical organization,
parenthetical citations and a works cited page (according to MLA style),
MLA formatting: double space the essay, use size 12 Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins, and include a proper heading (see pp. 282-83 of the Penguin Handbook for formatting info), and
clear knowledge of the text(s) you choose and of any secondary material you include.
• four to five pages in length.

Below are specific dates when you need to bring work to class. See your syllabus for other important dates. We will have a class period near the end of the semester devoted to optional conferences.

Now-December 19th Visit the Writing Center for help throughout this project
Wednesday, December 4th In-class writing workshop December 6th and 9th Conferences
Thursday, December 11th Rough draft exchange