Follow the instructions below to complete this assignment

1 Complete the following questions

2 Respond on a word document

3 Each question is valued at 20points each

4 Please use full and complete sentences when responding

(1) Discuss the difference between a variable and a parameter Include an example

(2)In completing a survey, respondents use the following numbers to indicate ages

1 = age 19 years and under, 2 = 20 to 29 years of age

3 = 30 to 39 years of age, 4 = age 40 years and older

Is this data qualitative or quantitative? Explain

(3) Explain the difference between the terms “variable” and “data” Include an illustration that demonstrates this


(4) List 4 different ways of presenting data Explain when you would use each (consider the type of variable when

answering this question)

(5) List 3 measures on central tendency Explain when you would use each

(6) List 3 measures on variance Explain when you would use each