FIT9137 Assignment 3 Specification Semester 1 2022
Important Notes for Task C:
• If the requirement 8 is not satisfied you will receive a zero mark for the firewall task regardless of any other correct rule you add as it would expose the entire network. You will lose partial marks if your rules are too perrnissive allowing more traffic than specified to reach the destination for each requirement.
• You only receive marks if the test for each requirement succeeds. No partial marks will be given if only part of a rule is correct. When two rules are required for the incoming and outgoing traffic. no partial marks .11 be given if one of the rules is correct.
• For stateful inspection the traffic is allowed if it is initiated frorn the more trusted side of the firewall to the less trusted side. The traffic in the opposite direction, from the less trusted interface to the rnore trusted interface, is only allowed if the packets are the responses to an initiated communication from the more trusted side. The trust level in the requirements is indicated as Higher+ Lower for each stateful inspection, meaning the connection initiation is allowed from the higher level to the lower level a. only the responses .r the initiated connections are allowed from the lower level to the higher level.
• If you have reachability issues in task A, that is a host is not reachable from another host, you may lose marks in firewall tests as well when the traffic must be allowed.You will not lose any marks for firewall rules if a host is reachable but through a sub-optimal path and the firewall rules are correct.
• You must submit the core file with Firewall service enabled on node R3. The service is enabled in the individual files without any rules hence all traffic is allowed.